Cut Your To Do List in Half


Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  Have you ever felt like your ‘to do’ list never has an end?  Do you sometimes feel like you have so much to do you don’t know where to start so you just don’t start?  Perhaps instead you decide to roll-over and catch a few more zzz’s, only to wake up later and feel even worse than you did before because your ‘to do’ list is still there. If so, it’s time to stop the madness I say! Maybe the problem is you actually do have too much on your ‘to do’ list which is why you are feeling so overwhelmed.  If that’s the case, start taking action by following these simple steps: Begin by looking at your list and identifying the tasks by category.  Some categories you might want to consider are:  administration, housekeeping, children, yard work, home maintenance, organization, well-being, learnings.  Once you [...]

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Just Do It


Every client I had this week had one thing in common:  They all felt the need to incorporate more exercise into their lives but hadn’t figured out quite how to do it. As the Nike motto goes…..”Just Do It!” That’s what we must do about exercise.  It’s not something we have to plan.  In fact, it’s probably best NOT to plan.  It’s the planning part that often gets us stuck. We plan on joining a gym.  We spend the time researching into which gym. Then once we find the right gym and we join it, we then plan when we can go to it. Did you know the reason gyms survive is because they are counting on their customers not going to them?  If each of their customers actually used their memberships, they wouldn’t possibly have enough equipment to support everyone.  Rather, they count on people to set out these great intentions [...]

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