Female Executive for Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

For more than 15 years, I have worked in many different environments, in both the public and private sectors, large and small, publically traded and privately owned corporations. The industries ranged from services, to manufacturing, to energy, to electronics, to travel. Some of these companies were start-ups while others were well established institutions. All of them had an entrepreneurial spirit attached to them.

During my time with these companies, I served as an HR executive for many years, providing coaching advice to all levels of the organization. It is with this knowledge and experience that allows me to be able to provide a wide array of assistance in the following areas:

An Executive Coach (also sometimes known as a Leadership Coach), addresses the professional aspirations of the client but has the added dimension of the organization that the client works within.  Because of this added complexity, a coach needs to take into account not only the needs of the individual, but the needs of the organization.

Once you have more than a couple of employees in a team, not only do you have to focus on the products and services you produce, increasingly you have to work hard on ensuring you have a productive group. The difference in output of a high-performing team versus a group with real challenges can be staggering. To help you increase team performance, I offer a number of coaching services:

Let’s face it — it’s not that uncommon for teams to have problems just getting along;  and office politics gone astray can be devastating to your company.  Turning around a toxic team can be a real challenge. Determining the root of the problem can seem like an unsolvable mystery.

Fortunately, most teams can be rescued.  I can help you identify who or what are at the heart of the matter.  Once identified, I can help you take immediate remedial action.  Over the longer term, I can help you develop new team values and create a positive team culture designed to reduce future problems and increase group success.

Managing teams including their interpersonal dynamics and productivity is one of the biggest and most important challenges in today’s workplace. Whether you own a small company  or work for a large organization I can help with coaching for your individual employees, your managers, entire teams or you.

Increasing employee engagement levels, improving employee performance, assisting a manager who seems to have plateaued, providing guidance to employees on how to move up the corporate ladder, helping managers with difficult employees are all things I can assist you with.

Often people resist change. In today’s world, it is necessary for businesses to continuously transform themselves to remain competitive. For individuals, it’s critical that you learn to adapt and remain flexible to remain competitive and strive in changing times. Assisting people and companies through change is a specialty of mine.

I have lead and provided training on large change management initiatives, helping lead people through change. Working as an HR professional, I’ve frequently learned about changes employees are facing in their personal lives that are impacting their performance at work. I help employees work through their personal challenges so that their whole lives begin performing better. Where there are major changes occurring within an organization, I can assist employees adapt to the changes more quickly. I hold a certificate in Change Management from “Changefirst”, a company that specializes in change management, based out of Sussex, England.

One of my strengths that I bring to the table at being a life and business coach, an entrepreneur with an MBA and my years as an HR executive, is my ability to assess situations quickly, apply my business knowledge, “think outside the box” and offer up suggested solutions.

If you currently have a business that you would like to see grow or you currently are struggling with a problem you would like to get help with and you don’t know quite how to go about it, give me a call. I can help you. I will sit down with you, learn more about your business case and decide the best course of action. If other resources are required, I have a team of dedicated and committed associate coaches that I work with, who can also be called upon to offer their distinctive services.

One of my strengths that I bring to the table at being a life and business coach, an entrepreneur with an MBA and my years as an HR executive, is my ability to assess situations quickly, apply my business knowledge, “think outside the box” and offer up suggested solutions.

Are you thinking of starting a business and not sure what’s involved in getting it started?

Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?
Are you wondering how much capital is required to start up a business?
Do you have concerns about some aspects of the business which you know you just won’t be good at but are necessary?

If so, I can help you:

  • Craft a business plan
  • Conduct assessment profiling with you to determine whether you are cut out to be an Entrepreneur
  • Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on your business model
  • Assist you in determining the resources you need to begin this new venture

Should you wish to learn more about how I can be of help to either you, your organization or both, please send me an online message or call me at 416-473-3780 and I’ll be happy to discuss with you the best approach to helping you find a solution to your existing business need.