Trudeau, Mulcair, Harper — Why Should We Hire You?


An Election is an Extended Job Interview One of the key milestones in the federal election currently going on in Canada was Peter Mansbridge, from CBC, interviewing Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, NDP Leader, Tom Mulcair and Prime Minister, Stephen Harper about their candidacy.  In each of his three interviews Mr. Mansbridge ended with this question: What is it about you, that you feel should make you a good Prime Minister? Asked slightly in a different way, this is a common question that many interviewers ask candidates: Why should we hire you? or What makes you the ideal candidate for this role?   Sidestepping an Important Question The best answer would be something that distinguishes the candidate from all other candidates who are applying for that role.  In other words, they talk about what makes them unique.  What their competitive advantage is over their competition. In my opinion, none of the three political [...]

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Time to Get Serious: Putting ME in Social Media


As a coach, I work with my clients helping them reach their goals and aspirations. We start by identifying what it is they want to be doing, and we set up goals that help them focus and measure themselves along the way. Like my clients, I try and do the same thing with my personal and professional objectives. As part of my ongoing commitment to my clients, I set a goal at the start of the year to become more actively involved in social media, the use of video and overall greater communications by offering advice, tips and strategies for our careers and lives in general. Throughout the year I’ve taken ‘turtle steps’ (for all you Martha Beck fans out there) towards achieving this goal. It is my intention to post regular articles and blogs that I find to be interesting and consider helpful for you, my clients and readers. [...]

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5 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job


It’s Monday morning and you are dreading going into work.  As you are getting ready, you’re wondering if it’s just the thought of getting up early and having to go to any job that is making you cranky or is it this particular job that’s making it so difficult to get up? Sure there are things about the job that you don’t like, but aren’t all jobs like that?  How do you know whether it’s your particular job that’s the problem?  In other words, how do you know when it’s time to leave?  Here are five signs that tell you it may be time: You’re bored.  You’ve lost your passion and your skills aren’t being utilized. You’re struggling getting out of bed.  The alarm goes off and you have no motivation to get up. You hate entering the office.  The same routine is getting to you.  Same people, same work [...]

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How To Transform Your Life In Just 3 Days!


How you might ask? Picture this……A room filled with Life Coaches.  Over 400 of them.  Some of them doctors, lawyers, astute business professionals, students.  Some old, some young, some middle aged, some dead (yes, you read right).  Most were women, although the 12 men who did stand among us were truly pioneers. We had Quick-Starters, and Fact Finders, Implementers and Follow-Thru’ers (to learn more visit  We had Ted Talkers, sculptors, artists, singers and dancers. Boy did we have dancers! Oh, and we had music.  Music that touched our souls. And we also had each other. Who is this almighty group you might ask?  Life Coaches, trained by Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s Life Coach and bestselling author. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance of that room a few weeks back in San Diego where I attended Martha’s latest 3 day Coaches Summit.  It was open to all of [...]

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By Unlocking Your Passions, Every Day Feels Like Valentine’s Day!


That’s true when you follow your passions.  This applies to both our personal lives and our professional lives.  As a Career Coach, I have clients all the time who come to me saying they are dead inside when it comes to their jobs but they stay because of the money, the security, (I chuckle when I hear this one), the convenience, their families would be disappointed, they don’t know anything else, they don’t know what else would make them happy, it wouldn’t look good on a resume……the list goes on, and on.  Ultimately though, what each of these clients are telling me is that it is their FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that’s keeping them in careers they hate. Companies spend a lot of money measuring employee engagement through surveys because evidence tells us that the more engaged you are in your work, the more productive you will be.  The [...]

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How To ACE a Job Interview!


Being a Career and Outplacement Coach, I’ve helped a lot of people prepare for an interview.  I’ve also interviewed hundreds of people over the years while being an active Human Resources Professional.  And while it’s true that there are better answers for some questions and it’s good to know what those answers are, I often find what makes or breaks someone in an interview has more to do with how they say something or act in an interview, than the actual answer itself.  Here’s my suggestion on how best to ACE a job interview: “A” stands for ATTITUDE.  And by attitude, I mean your attitude.  You have to go in with the right mindset if you are going to be successful at the interview.  Think as if you ARE going to be offered the job, and that it’s only a matter of time before that happens.  Right now you are [...]

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Merry Christmas? Bah Humbug!


People’s expectations are so high at this time of the year, and after watching only a couple of holiday specials, it’s not difficult to discover why. How many of them go something like this:  A beautiful, well-to-do family sit lovingly together next to the fireplace and perfect tree, with their equally beautiful dog lying next to them as they begin to open up their perfectly wrapped presents while listening to the sounds of Christmas carols being sung outside by passing merry-go-lucky carolers. Hmmm……now, how many of us live up to that scenario? Most of us would probably say our lives don’t resemble anything like the above.  For many, it’s by choice, for some, it’s simply reality, and for others, it’s a bit of both. So how do you have a Merry Christmas, or simply a Happy Holiday if your life doesn’t resemble anything like the above?  By setting realistic expectations. [...]

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Go To Your Happy Place


Anyone who has ever been coached by me knows what I mean when I say “go to your happy place” because it’s something I find myself saying over and over again. That’s because I believe if you are in your happy space, everything else becomes better.  So what exactly do I mean by this?  I mean, we should do whatever it takes to make ourselves happy.  When we are happy, everything else goes much more smoothly.  It’s like when we first fall in love.  Everything just seems to be so much better.  No matter what happens, we are wearing our rose-coloured glasses and nothing seems to get us down.  Well, it’s not the being in love part that is doing this for us, but rather, it’s the happy state which we are in and the feelings that come with that state that allows us to remain in a good mood, [...]

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