Time to Get Serious: Putting ME in Social Media

As a coach, I work with my clients helping them reach their goals and aspirations. We start by identifying what it is they want to be doing, and we set up goals that help them focus and measure themselves along the way. Like my clients, I try and do the same thing with my personal and professional objectives. As part of my ongoing commitment to my clients, I set a goal at the start of the year to become more actively involved in social media, the use of video and overall greater communications by offering advice, tips and strategies for our careers and lives in general. Throughout the year I’ve taken ‘turtle steps’ (for all you Martha Beck fans out there) towards achieving this goal. It is my intention to post regular articles and blogs that I find to be interesting and consider helpful for you, my clients and readers. [...]

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Just Do It

Every client I had this week had one thing in common:  They all felt the need to incorporate more exercise into their lives but hadn’t figured out quite how to do it. As the Nike motto goes…..”Just Do It!” That’s what we must do about exercise.  It’s not something we have to plan.  In fact, it’s probably best NOT to plan.  It’s the planning part that often gets us stuck. We plan on joining a gym.  We spend the time researching into which gym. Then once we find the right gym and we join it, we then plan when we can go to it. Did you know the reason gyms survive is because they are counting on their customers not going to them?  If each of their customers actually used their memberships, they wouldn’t possibly have enough equipment to support everyone.  Rather, they count on people to set out these great intentions [...]

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