Career Coach - Catherine Thorburn

Considering the majority of us spend more time at work than we do with our friends and family, it’s important that we are doing work that we enjoy doing.  For many of us, that’s simply not true.  Often we take a job because of the money but end up sacrificing our happiness.  This might work for a while, but it’s not sustainable.  Eventually you will either leave or be asked to leave or worse yet, you may end up getting sick as your body cannot hold up to a lie which is what you are essentially doing when you continue to work in an environment that isn’t supporting who you truly are.  I have helped coach literally hundreds of employees with their career and I can help you too.

A Career Coach often focuses on helping an individual with specific career objectives which will help them to enhance their career and either move into a new role within their existing organization, or perhaps change roles and careers altogether.  

With respect to your career, I can:

  • Coach you how to brand and market yourself so you can get noticed. This includes tips on resume writing, image consulting, interview tips and networking strategies.
  • Help you get noticed in your own organization.
  • Middle managers – show you how to get out of middle management and into senior management roles or, how to get out of a junior role and into a management role.
  • How to get you to understand the value you are worth and help you get the salary you deserve.
  • Help you become happier at work.
  • Help you understand your skill sets, your desires and bring the two together to ensure you are doing the best job for you!
  • Help you prepare for the Golden Years so they truly are ‘Golden’!!
Feel your confidence has been shattered? I can help you. Besides coaching you through this difficult time, we can work together on your resume, cover letter, interviewing tips and networking strategies, branding and using social media to get you noticed and land that next ideal job – fast!
Thinking of starting your own business? Together we can begin to strategize on what that new business might look like or if you already know, I can help get you going. Whether it’s helping you brand yourself or figuring out where your true passions lie, through coaching we can discover together where the next artist may be hiding! Every great idea starts with a thought and sadly for many of us, that’s where it ends because we don’t push through our fears and we allow our dreams to fade away. Coaching can help you push through those fears and begin to create that great idea we thought of. My belief is if you can think it, you can create it. Let me help you get there.