Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-02-11T22:44:14-05:00
What is Life Coaching?2016-10-15T20:55:32-04:00

Life coaching is offering coaching services for life issues. Think of it as a personal coach in your corner supporting you on whatever goal(s) you have set out for yourself. A life coach will help a person get “unstuck” so that they can move forwards and make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve the life they want!

What qualifies you to be a coach?2013-08-19T00:08:39-04:00

Years of practise in Human Resources coaching executives and employees and offering lots of career advice to friends, business colleagues and pretty much anyone who would listen to me! Plus, I have an absolute desire to help people achieve their life goals. Oh yah, and having read tons of self-help books!!

How many sessions should one expect to have to resolve their issue?2016-10-15T20:55:32-04:00

This will depend on the person and the situation. Normally, a few sessions should dissolve a limiting belief and help the client move forwards.

How does one get coached?2013-08-19T00:08:56-04:00

Contact me and we will set-up a mutually convenient time to begin. Each session lasts an hour.

What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?2016-10-15T20:55:32-04:00

A coach and a therapist are very different, starting with the qualifications that are required for each. Therapy, reflects back on the past and tries to help the client heal from hurtful events whereas coaching focuses on the present and future, helping the client resolve limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Who should go to a Life Coach?2013-08-19T00:09:09-04:00

Anyone who feels like they are stuck or that their life isn’t as they would like it to be.

What are the benefits of hiring a coach?2013-08-19T00:09:15-04:00

The benefits of hiring a coach is you can share with them your wildest and improbable goals without getting laughed at and instead, getting fully supported! In addition, coaches will help move you forwards.

How much does your coaching cost?2013-08-19T00:09:20-04:00

Depending on what your needs are, I have both an hourly rate as well as several packaged rates, as outlined under my Coaching page under the “Life Coaching” section. My rates for business and corporations also vary depending on the specific needs and work that is required.

How does it work?2016-10-15T20:55:34-04:00

All personal life coaching sessions are done over the phone and each session lasts an hour. Business coaching sessions are usually done face-to-face.

Can I be coached?2013-08-19T00:09:33-04:00

Great question! Anyone can be coached provided they are open to being coached. That’s the only requirement.

Catherine Thorburn Life and Career Coach
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