Catherine Thorburn Career Coach and Life Coach

Get to Know Catherine

Catherine has been described by others as extremely professional, caring and a great listener who is direct, up front and honest. What you see is what you get with her as she tells it as she sees it.
What makes Catherine qualified to coach? First of all, with respect to her business coaching, her 15 years of working as a Human Resources professional qualifies her. Catherine has held managerial and executive positions for most of her entire career and has been acting as a coach in many challenging situations.

With respect to personal, life coaching, Catherine has studied under the well-known author and Life Coach of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Dr. Martha Beck*, a Harvard University graduate who teaches her coaches how to identify limiting beliefs a client may hold and how to dissolve those limiting beliefs as quickly as possible so the person can go on living the best life they can live. Through a combination of both left-brained, logic and right-brained creativity, Martha has lead her coaches to approach life from all angles.

In addition to her hands-on work experience and coach training, Catherine has an MBA and two undergraduate degrees. She holds her HR designation along with several certificates including a certificate in Change Management from the UK based organization, “Changefirst”, an Advanced Management certificate from the European Summer School in Aarhus, Denmark and a Facilitative Leadership certificate from “Interaction Associates”. Catherine is a member of the Greater Toronto Area Chapter of the International Coaching Federation and the Human Resources Professional Association. She is both a Certified Life Coach and a Registered Corporate Coach with over 10 years of direct coaching experience.

Catherine grew up in the Lower Laurentians in Quebec, moved to Ottawa where she did her undergraduate degrees, then lived a short time in Vancouver before eventually moving to Toronto. She now splits up her time between her two residences – Toronto and Barrie.

Here’s The Good Stuff. The Difference We Make: Together.

Here are just some of the testimonials from the many people Catherine has coached.

“Catherine is exactly the type of person I want in my corner when I need help focusing me toward my goals.  She is warm, caring and supportive, while at the same time, direct and powerful.  She has the ability to get right to the center of the issue and challenges me to be my best or even better!”

Ellen, Cleveland, Ohio

“Catherine is direct, kind, supportive, and grounded. She has a keen ability to listen for my unspoken thoughts that are just beneath the surface, and tease them out so they can be addressed.  When she coaches me, she can step outside her own realm of experience and apply her gentle leadership to help me see things from a new perspective. Catherine has helped me understand more about my roles as teacher, facilitator, guide, and mother, and how to be true to my innate character in the process.”

Eve, Sacramento, California

“It is difficult for me to summarize in a few words just how my life has changed since I started my “life coaching sessions” with you…Your style of coaching was instrumental and pivotal on “shining a light” on my gifts which have lead to my new business venture.  After many years of working in the accounting field, your coaching “pulled out from me” something I never dreamed of doing and has actually since come naturally for me.  Your continued support, guidance and encouragement are making my transition easy, fun and believable! Thank you for caring and for making sure I don’t give up on myself.”

M.G., Toronto, Ontario

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