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Our sessions together focus on topics important to you — such as those below. Regardless of your desired focus, the coaching process is the same.
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Focus Coaching

Are you AT a turning point in your life? Whether you are dealing with job loss, a major change outside work or in need of something new, FOCUS Coaching can help.

Regardless of whether one, all or none of the above applies, we all find ourselves at turning points in our lives. If that’s where you feel you are, we can focus on the specific issues you are facing right now. I can help you chart a path forward and get started with your next chapter of your career or life. I’m happy to help.

Career Steps

Do you have the commitment to make a change, but need a plan to get there? Career Steps can help.

You know what you want, you just need some assistance in getting there. You have an issue with your career and you need someone in your corner who knows what they are doing to help coach you. I’m that person. I have worked with hundreds of clients with vast backgrounds at all levels and I know what the common pitfalls are when it comes to career stallers. I too have worked within the corporate world in both the private and public sectors and have worked my way up the corporate ladder from a junior level to C-Suite, executive level. I know what it takes to be successful and I can help you get there.

If you have a sensitive soul in search of a comforting place to explore your path forward, my coaching is for you. I value time to reflect, living in the moment and self-care. Let’s discover together what really matters for you.

Image & Interviews

your resume did its job. now, you have an interview. Let’s get you ready.

I would suggest you are already past the hardest part and well on your way to getting noticed. Now, you want to make sure you are presenting your best self, and that you have the skills to ACE the interview! I can coach you on how to do just that. Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds of candidates, and I can tell you which ones look good, which ones look great and which ones were completely wasting my time. If you’ve gotten this far, you want to be sure to fall into the looking great category and you can — with my help.


Resume & LinkedIn

Looking to make a change in jobs, but can’t seem to get any action? I can help with a Resume and LinkedIn Makeover Consultation.

With my background in Human Resources, I know what it takes to get people’s attention. Plus, I can provide tips on how to get your resume pulled from the pile of hundreds when companies use applicant tracking software to help screen resumes. Someone must first see your resume before they can decide you are a worthy candidate. Let me help you ensure both your resume and your online presence are presenting what employers want to see so that you can in fact get that interview.

All-In Coaching

Do you desire to be a high achiever and take your career to the next level? With the All-In Coaching, you develop goals and a plan to have it all.

Are you looking to make some real changes in your life? Maybe your career is going quite well, but you know there is always room for improvement and you are wanting both an accountability partner and someone who can help coach you along the way to get to that new goal you’ve set out for yourself. You and I will begin this coaching journey by first discovering what you are wanting to achieve. Once we have reached clarity around that, we will set out a path and strategy on how to get there. All along the way, I will be with you, monitoring your progress and guiding you along to ensure any possible limiting beliefs or personal saboteurs are hijacked and moved out of your way.

All In Coaching Participant
If you are a hard hitting business type who likes to get right down to work, my corporate background is a great fit. I’ve led large HR operations, earned an MBA and successfully ventured out on my own. Let’s put that experience to work for you.

Exploration Coaching

Feeling stuck and not sure what to do about it? Wanting a change but haven’t figured out exactly what that change is?

Knowing you are good at what you do but you’ve lost that pep in your step? I’m here to help. In fact, I would say this is my specialty. Helping my clients figure out not only what they want to do, but what they will be ridiculously good at doing! Through various exercises, we will together go through the exploration phase of this process and figure out what the next step looks like for you. From there, we will begin the journey together on how to turn this idea into reality.

Business Launch

Do you dream of starting your own venture, but don’t know what next to do? Business Launch coaching can get you started on the path to achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

Successful entrepreneurs build teams of advisors to help them achieve their goals. My Business Launch coaching helps you develop your ideas, assess our opportunity and create winning plans. From a standing start, I can help you get to launch day and beyond.

Not sure if you are ready to start thinking about a launching a business? Take my Entrepreneurial Readiness Assessment.

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