Live a Better Life

Hi, I’m Catherine. Congratulations on the first step to getting what you want out of life — personally and professionally. I coach people every day to work through their thoughts and achieve their goals.  I can help you too.
Career Coach - Catherine Thorburn

Live a Better Life

Hi, I’m Catherine. Congratulations on the first step to getting what you want — personally and professionally. I coach people every day to work through their thoughts and achieve their goals. I can help you too.
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Need a change? Uninspired? In a rut in your personal or work life? Don’t know how to breakout — even where to start?

You are not alone. I can help. Put me to work for you. You really can achieve your goals and create a better life.


Choose How We Work Together

Catherine Thorburn - Career Coach

One-on-One Coaching

Looking to make a career change, get unstuck and gain clarity? Seeking someone to keep you on task? I’m here to help. work with me directly with an approach tailored to you.

Choose from programs to help you with an immediate concern or long-term plan. Together, we can help you be more confident, get a promotion, live more in the moment, start a new business, thrive on change — the possibilities are endless. Let’s tailor a solution to you.

One-on-One Coaching Programs
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Online Coaching

Don’t have time to work one-on-one with a coach or your budget prohibits the cost of customized coachinG? Check out our online programs to see which will best suit your needs.

Coming soon, choose from live webinars and online courses. You can even seamlessly combine online coaching with any number of one-on-one sessions.

Online Coaching Programs
Catherine Thorburn - Toronto Life Coach

Workshops / Retreats

Something magical happens when like-minded people focus on a specific need together. Watch for workshops we offer or sign-up for my news on upcoming programs.

From half-day workshops to multi-day retreats to a year-long mastermind, there’s a group coaching program to meet your needs. What each has in common is the support you gain from a great group of people all working together to achieve more.

Workshop / Retreat Options
“The best advice I ever got was to get a coach.”
– Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO

Life vs. Executive vs. Career Coaching?

What is the difference and which do I need? This is a great question and one that I get asked often. While I’ve seen all three being used interchangeably at times, there are distinct differences with the biggest difference being in the area of their emphasis. What do I offer? All of the above, with a focus on everything work related. To learn more:

Live a Better Life
Finding someone you feel you can trust is absolutely critical to truly benefitting from a coach. My highest priority is to provide a professional, yet comforting experience where you are free to explore, learn and grow.

Allow me to say hello…

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Life Matters

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A Positive Mindset is So Important

Is your life not what you wish it was? A positive mindset might be the answer. You might think the problem is your job, your responsibilities or your relationships. Consider what you can change about you that will make you happier.


Video Blog

“Catherine is direct, kind, supportive, and grounded. She has a keen ability to listen for my unspoken thoughts that are just beneath the surface, and tease them out so they can be addressed.  When she coaches me, she can step outside her own realm of experience and apply her gentle leadership to help me see things from a new perspective. Catherine has helped me understand more about my roles as teacher, facilitator, guide, and mother, and how to be true to my innate character in the process.”

Eve, Sacramento, California

“Catherine is an outstanding mentor and coach. I have had the privilege of working with Catherine over a number of years now. Not only has her experience, advise and mentoring enhanced my professional career, it has helped my personal life as well. Definitely one of the people who I intend to stay in touch with for a long time to come and would undoubtedly recommend her.”

Ahmed, Dubai, UAE

“Catherine is exactly the type of person I want in my corner when I need help focusing me toward my goals.  She is warm, caring and supportive, while at the same time, direct and powerful.  She has the ability to get right to the center of the issue and challenges me to be my best or even better!”

Ellen, Cleveland, Ohio

“It is difficult for me to summarize in a few words just how my life has changed since I started my “life coaching sessions” with you…Your style of coaching was instrumental and pivotal on “shining a light” on my gifts which have lead to my new business venture.  After many years of working in the accounting field, your coaching “pulled out from me” something I never dreamed of doing and has actually since come naturally for me.  Your continued support, guidance and encouragement are making my transition easy, fun and believable! Thank you for caring and for making sure I don’t give up on myself.”

M.G., Toronto, Ontario

“Let me express my gratitude for your participation in my career search.  Sessions with you have shifted my thinking. Your guidance helped me get rid of absurd labels, see myself in a new career, improve my time management, consistently develop my talents, and perceive my current profession from a different perspective. Your professionalism and confidence has inspired me.”

Gaya, Singapore
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