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Focus Coaching

Are you AT a turning point in your life? Whether you are dealing with job loss, a major change outside work or in need of something new, FOCUS Coaching can help.

Focus Coaching addresses your specific circumstances and helps you with the issues that matter to you. We set a schedule that makes sense to you. You learn how to make a change – starting with a focus on you. We will consider your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. We examine what you want to achieve, what your ideal future looks like and the skills and resources at your disposal. With that in hand, we will put it all into a plan that looks at your immediate circumstances and the bigger picture.

Together, we can take a career turning point and transform it into a major life milestone.

Career Steps

Do you have the commitment to make a change, but need a plan to get there? Career Steps can help.

You can achieve your career dreams by following a proven set of manageable steps. We start by taking stock of where you are now, and then where you want to go. We identify anything you need to work on and map out how to do it. Isn’t it time you step up for you?

If you have a sensitive soul in search of a comforting place to explore your path forward, my coaching is for you. I value time to reflect, living in the moment and self-care. Let’s discover together what really matters for you.

30-Day Challenge

It takes 30 days to turn actions into habits. With the 30-Day Challenge, we spend an intensive month building a base upon which you re-launch your career and life.

Whether you are looking to change careers, create a new business or revamp your existing life circumstances, the 30-Day Challenge creates opportunities for immediate and lasting change. For a month, we use a series of weekly visits, daily assignments and as-needed calls to achieve the success and happiness you deserve. Tasks and meetings are designed to be intensive, but manageable for busy schedules. The Challenge is bootcamp for your life.

Seize the Day

Eager to make a fast start and a big change? With Seize the Day, you jump head first into a full-day, one-on-one retreat that is exciting and intensive.

The day is designed to break you out of your current circumstances and make your career dreams a reality. Seize the Day is more than a generic advice session. Together, we will appraise your current abilities and circumstances, craft goals around what you want to achieve, develop an over-arching strategy to help you achieve them and identify a roadmap of tasks to get you started.

All-In Coaching

Do you desire to be a high achiever and take your career to the next level? With the All-In Coaching program, you develop goals and a plan to have it all.

A strong sense of purpose. Recognition from those around you and in your industry. Job satisfaction. Work-life balance. And yes, success. This six-month initiative is a master program in workplace and life achievement, and a smart investment in your largest financial asset – you.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to go all in?

All In Coaching Participant
If you are a hard hitting business type who likes to get right down to work, my corporate background is a great fit. I’ve led large HR operations, earned an MBA and successfully ventured out on my own. Let’s put that experience to work for you.

Centred. Connected.

Are the pressures of work, technology and family obligations leaving you stuck in a daily grind? ‘Centred. Connected.’ can help you get intouch with everything joyful and important to you.

Sometimes we need to be reminded how to stop and smell the roses. Centred. Connected. helps you live in and appreciate the moment. You will discover how to celebrate life and embrace a more positive energy. Ready for peace and contentment? Then, get Centred. Connected.

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