Life Coach

How To Transform Your Life In Just 3 Days!

How you might ask? Picture this……A room filled with Life Coaches.  Over 400 of them.  Some of them doctors, lawyers, astute business professionals, students.  Some old, some young, some middle aged, some dead (yes, you read right).  Most were women, although the 12 men who did stand among us were truly pioneers. We had Quick-Starters, and Fact Finders, Implementers and Follow-Thru’ers (to learn more visit  We had Ted Talkers, sculptors, artists, singers and dancers. Boy did we have dancers! Oh, and we had music.  Music that touched our souls. And we also had each other. Who is this almighty group you might ask?  Life Coaches, trained by Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s Life Coach and bestselling author. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance of that room a few weeks back in San Diego where I attended Martha’s latest 3 day Coaches Summit.  It was open to all of [...]

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