Welcome to Coaching

Let’s start preparing now for our time together.

Here are some steps to help us hit the ground running.


By taking action and arranging coaching sessions, you are already ahead of most people — investing in yourself. Now, let’s get started.

Below, you will find the simple steps, I invite you to review. These include returning our signed agreement, completing a questionnaire and providing a deposit.

Thanks again for putting your trust in me. I look forward to working together.

My highest priority is to create an environment with you where you are free to explore, learn and grow.

Getting Ready

Here are a few simple steps for you to review prior to our getting started together.

Choose a Coaching Package

If you have not already informed me of your preferred coaching package, please select one from the welcome email I sent you and let me know of your choice. As that email says, if you prefer to have your first session first, that’s fine. Again, just let me know.

Submit Your Completed Coaching Agreement

As we discussed, in my welcome email to you, I’ve attached a one-page contract for your review. I ask that you you read, sign and return it to me prior to us starting together.

Complete the Pre-Work Questionnaire

We also discussed the questionnaire I attached in my welcome email. I need that completed questionnaire returned to me at least two business days in advance of our first coaching session.

Setting Up Your Payments

For your convenience, I am pleased to give you a choice of payment methods and schedules. Please select and set them up via the link below.

Save My Contact Info

I have learned from experience, that sometimes my clients need to contact me on short notice. So, I encourage to save my contact now to have it handy later should you require it. Just a friendly reminder.

Please Contact Me If You Have Questions or Concerns


To get started, please select your payment method and payment schedule for your coaching fees via the links below. Sessions are scheduled twice monthly.

Credit Card or PayPal

Please select between the following five payment schedules:

Pay As You Go

$300 per session


$235 /session – $470 /mth


$225 /session – $1,350 /3mths


$205 /session – $2,460 /6mths


$195 /session – $4,680 /year

All prices plus HST. You will be automatically billed at beginning of next payment period. Cancel future billing anytime with two weeks notice. If you cancel an individual session, a make-up session can be scheduled.

Each option is in-full, in-advance plus HST.

Interac or Invoice

If you would like to pay via Interac e-Transfer, select below and payment instructions will be sent to you.

Interac e-Transfer

If your employer will be paying for your coaching on your behalf, we can invoice your organization.