An Election is an Extended Job Interview

One of the key milestones in the federal election currently going on in Canada was Peter Mansbridge, from CBC, interviewing Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, NDP Leader, Tom Mulcair and Prime Minister, Stephen Harper about their candidacy.  In each of his three interviews Mr. Mansbridge ended with this question:

What is it about you, that you feel should make you a good Prime Minister?

Asked slightly in a different way, this is a common question that many interviewers ask candidates:

Why should we hire you?


What makes you the ideal candidate for this role?


Sidestepping an Important Question

The best answer would be something that distinguishes the candidate from all other candidates who are applying for that role.  In other words, they talk about what makes them unique.  What their competitive advantage is over their competition.

In my opinion, none of the three political candidates did a good job in answering this question.  Rather than tell us what ‘they’ had to offer, they kept referring to their policy even after Mansbridge clarified he was looking for them to answer from a personal perspective.  The person closest in doing so was Mulcair who inferred that he was the type of person who got things done.

What Sets You Apart?

This question is so important because it allows you, the candidate, an opportunity to say what makes you so special as an individual, and sets you apart from the rest.  If you are given the chance to respond to such a question, be sure you are well prepared and do a better job than our political party leaders have done.

With My Career Coaching, You Can Do Better

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