People’s expectations are so high at this time of the year, and after watching only a couple of holiday specials, it’s not difficult to discover why.

How many of them go something like this:  A beautiful, well-to-do family sit lovingly together next to the fireplace and perfect tree, with their equally beautiful dog lying next to them as they begin to open up their perfectly wrapped presents while listening to the sounds of Christmas carols being sung outside by passing merry-go-lucky carolers.

Hmmm……now, how many of us live up to that scenario?

Most of us would probably say our lives don’t resemble anything like the above.  For many, it’s by choice, for some, it’s simply reality, and for others, it’s a bit of both.

So how do you have a Merry Christmas, or simply a Happy Holiday if your life doesn’t resemble anything like the above?  By setting realistic expectations.

If you know your Aunt Martha will show up with big wet kisses for everyone while she grabs your cheeks as if you were still five, and Uncle Bobby will drink himself into a slobbering stooper before the last gift is unwrapped.  Or perhaps it’s your long-ago divorced parents who insist on coming together one day of the year that you know if left alone they would surely kill each other.  Or maybe it’s you all on your own, not having any family or friends to be with.

Whatever your scenario might be this year, be true to it and go with the flow rather than trying to make it into something that it isn’t.

That is my wise message to you for this holiday.

May it be everything you expect it to be, and more!!