Every client I had this week had one thing in common:  They all felt the need to incorporate more exercise into their lives but hadn’t figured out quite how to do it.

As the Nike motto goes…..”Just Do It!”

That’s what we must do about exercise.  It’s not something we have to plan.  In fact, it’s probably best NOT to plan.  It’s the planning part that often gets us stuck.

We plan on joining a gym.  We spend the time researching into which gym.

Then once we find the right gym and we join it, we then plan when we can go to it.

Did you know the reason gyms survive is because they are counting on their customers not going to them?  If each of their customers actually used their memberships, they wouldn’t possibly have enough equipment to support everyone.  Rather, they count on people to set out these great intentions and never follow-thru on them.

So stop planning your exercise and just do it!

Of course it would be nice to be able to look back on your week and say I worked out at the gym 3x’s this week.  But which is better – spending time planning this out and not ever getting around to doing it or simply stop planning and start acting?

How about you don’t worry how much exercise you will do and just commit today to move.

“Today, I’m going to go for a walk with my kids/dog/friend/ipod”.

“Will I go for a walk 3x’s this week?”…..Who knows.  What I do know is I’m going for a walk today.

Tomorrow, I’ll decide what my body feels like doing and will commit to something then.

That’s one thing you can count on.  Your body.  Your body wants to move!  It is designed to move.  If you stop and tune into it, you’ll know what it feels like doing.  Maybe it’s stretches it wants to do today.  Maybe it’s some cardio.  Maybe your heart is screaming to be felt pounding in your chest!  Perhaps it’s your legs that are twitching for movement.  Listen and act.  Listen and act.

You don’t have to commit to a specific time or a specific day.  What’s important is that you move – every day.  Just do that and you’ll begin to feel better – instantly.  You’ll look back on your week and see you’ve incorporated exercise into your schedule and voila – you’ve begun to accomplish your goal.

I myself just came back from a two hour walk with a friend and her dog and had a great time.  Before I left I had a little voice going off in my head suggesting it’s too cold outside to go for a walk but my body was telling me – no, go outside, I want to move.  I moved and I’m glad I did!

Remember – Just Do It!