How to Build Resilience through Creativity

Going through a Pandemic is a first for the majority of us, and what we hope to be our last. Time will tell on that one.  Scientists argue otherwise.

I like to ask myself what were some of the positives that came about during this horrific time of fear, grief, financial loss and tragedy for so many in the world.  I can list off a number of things – more freedom and flexibility around how many of us work, less time and money spent on commuting which also has a benefit to our environment, more time spent with our immediate family, a reset button on how we typically operate – globally.  It’s this last one that gets me to thinking about the need for courage, resilience and creativity.

In order to not only survive during these challenging times, but to actually survive and thrive, one must be courageous and resilient. To be resilient, one must be creative.

How often though are we told to be creative?  Or that it’s important to grow our creative skills?  It’s typically assumed in our society there are the creative types and non-creative types and we happen to fall into one of these two categories.  The creative types as you might guess are those of us who have a profession in the arts such as an artist or singer or writer or painter.  The rest of us fall into the non-creative type category.

Well I’m here to tell you this isn’t true.  WE ARE ALL CREATIVE!  Every single one of us.  Even the most logical person out there has the ability to be creative.  Now whether we use our creative abilities as much as we should, there lies the question.

When was the last time you did something creative?  When was the last time you purposely put time towards increasing your creativity?  When was the last time you were intentional with your creativity?

It’s really important that you do become intentional about your creativity – ESPECIALLY now during this time of major change.  The reason being is when we are in a deep creative state, we are providing a break for our conscious mind.  This helps us to lessen our anxiety and increase our feelings of calmness.  This break allows us to begin to re-imagine our environment, shift our perspectives and discover new possibilities.  That’s what resilience is.  The ability to generate positive solutions while under the pressures of massive change.

So the next time you have the urge to break out your pencil crayons and begin colouring allow yourself to take this time and have some fun with it.  If you are a leader of a team, approach them in the same way.  Allow your team time for some deliberate creativity.  It will not only provide them with the needed break, it will heighten their resilience, decrease their stress and increase their overall productivity.  Who knew having so much fun could be so beneficial??

AGREE or DISAGREE: Creativity is your MOST valuable skill?
It’s been proven that a well-designed creative practice gives you a shortcut to “flow,” helps you stay focused, and allows you to strengthen your resilience skills.

Do you feel like your creative juice is in short supply?

With everything going on in the world, it would be no surprise. Know that you’re certainly not alone in feeling this way.

We all need CREATIVITY to thrive. Armed with a creative mindset, we can adapt and find solutions no matter what life throws at us.

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