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Let’s work together to do the extraordinary.

Mastermind Group

Master Mindful

In improv you never say ‘No’ — it ends a scene. Instead, you say, ‘Yes, and…’ to build on your ideas. That’s our mastermind – ten business leaders helping each other to take on the world.

The program is called Master Mindful because we are mindful to stay connected to each other, to the people we love and our passions. Over a period of twelve months, you will develop new business and personal opportunities. You will work and play. You will develop bonds that last a lifetime. Together, through bi-weekly calls, quarterly retreats and online collaboration, we will take our businesses and our lives to new heights.

What ideas could you build with a great group backing you up?

Our groups programs are designed to be truly memorable events that do more than educate, they inspire. Even more importantly, they connect you with a passionate group of fellow explorers. So, start the journey — the voyage is its own reward.


If you are shopping for a new job, or looking to upgrade the one you have, Workshopping is for you. These hands-on, half-day sessions are designed not just to teach, but to engage and inspire.

Past workshop themes have included mindfulness, thriving on change, emotional intelligence, successful thinking, becoming a consultant and personal brand building. We choose locations with a goal to animating you – no windowless hotel meeting rooms allowed. Everything about our workshops are designed to feed your soul while stimulating your mind.

Our next workshop is – How to Realize Your Dreams: A Practical and Inspirational Guide. In this session, we will cover how to give voice to your dreams, clarify your passions, set goals and achieve your ambitions. At the end of the workshop, you will have a personal vision for the future and a mission for achieving it.

Retreat Refresh Recreate

A retreat gets you out the grind to look at life with a fresh perspective. But, ever travel to a gorgeous location only to be stuck in a dismal room? Retreat Refresh Recreate provides the beauty without the meeting room prison.

Our retreats are designed to pamper your spirit and feed your mind. They are designed to stimulate your senses and your thinking. Beautiful locations, fine food, luxury accommodation, the company of a small group of high achievers, innovative workshop exercises and equal time for taking in your surroundings make our retreats an unparalleled learning experience.

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