Anyone who has ever been coached by me knows what I mean when I say “go to your happy place” because it’s something I find myself saying over and over again.

That’s because I believe if you are in your happy space, everything else becomes better.  So what exactly do I mean by this?  I mean, we should do whatever it takes to make ourselves happy.  When we are happy, everything else goes much more smoothly.  It’s like when we first fall in love.  Everything just seems to be so much better.  No matter what happens, we are wearing our rose-coloured glasses and nothing seems to get us down.  Well, it’s not the being in love part that is doing this for us, but rather, it’s the happy state which we are in and the feelings that come with that state that allows us to remain in a good mood, no matter what.  It’s not that everything bad suddenly stops happening when we are in love.  Of course things continue to happen – good and bad.  The difference is how we are feeling at the time.  For example, if you were in a happy mood and you were placed on hold for 5 minutes, you probably wouldn’t be too fussed about it.  If on the other hand, you were in a bad mood and were placed on hold for 5 minutes, you probably would be in an even worse mood once those 5 minutes were up.

That’s why I say it’s important to get into your happy space.  It’s something we have control over whereas the circumstances around us may not be something we can control.

So how does one get into their happy space?  By doing the kinds of things that make you happy – it’s that simple.  And these things don’t have to be big things like flying off somewhere, or having a million dollars (albeit, they could work too), but rather, they can be day-to-day pleasures like:  petting your cat, playing with your children, laughing with a friend, going for a walk in the park, listening to music, reading a book or taking a bath.  It’s the little comforts in life that you take pleasure in.  By doing these things you are feeding your soul and being kind and loving towards yourself and ultimately, you are getting into your happy space.

When you’re in your happy space, it’s important to be present.  Realize the time you are spending with your cat or your child is precious.  Enjoy the fun you are having with your friend or the time you are taking out to go for a walk or listening to your favourite music or reading a good book.  Relax while having your bath – maybe add some bubbles!  When you begin to feel the joy from experiencing these simple pleasures, you are in your happy space.  Once you are in there, try to remain in there and remember the feelings you are having.  Then, when something happens outside of your control that may start to get you upset, “go to your happy space”!  You’ll be happy that you did!!