That’s true when you follow your passions.  This applies to both our personal lives and our professional lives. 

As a Career Coach, I have clients all the time who come to me saying they are dead inside when it comes to their jobs but they stay because of the money, the security, (I chuckle when I hear this one), the convenience, their families would be disappointed, they don’t know anything else, they don’t know what else would make them happy, it wouldn’t look good on a resume……the list goes on, and on.  Ultimately though, what each of these clients are telling me is that it is their FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that’s keeping them in careers they hate.

Companies spend a lot of money measuring employee engagement through surveys because evidence tells us that the more engaged you are in your work, the more productive you will be.  The more productive a workforce is, the more profitable it will be.  Nothing is worse than having a disengaged workforce so not only are you not doing yourself any favours, you aren’t doing your employer any favours either by remaining in a job you have checked-out of.

OK, so if you agree it isn’t wise to remain in a job you don’t like, what do you do about it?

First, figure out what your passion is.  For many of us, that’s the hardest part.  This is where a Career Coach can really help you because for many of us, we often wear blinders when it comes to our hidden talents and interests and we become pigeon-holed with our thinking.  Our family is often wearing the same blinders.

Once you figure out what your passion is, unlock it.  Begin by incorporating it into your life.  I’m not suggesting you quit your day job tomorrow and run off doing your passion, but somehow, you must figure out a way to begin adding this into your life.

You have to push through your fear of the unknown, failure, ridicule, whatever it is that’s holding you back and just try it.  Do this as a gift to yourself, your family AND your employer.

Over time, you can transition into your new career, or at the very least, you will have unlocked your passion and allowed it to flow into your life making every day feeling like Valentine’s Day!