The First Step to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

The fundamentals required to starting a business.

So you want to start your own business, be your own boss, set your own hours? FANTASTIC! Maybe you have a side-line business in mind that you would like to work on part-time? Again, FANTASTIC! It is fun and exciting to do your own thing and allowing your creative juices to flow. At the same time it can be downright scary and frightening! Where does one start? What do you have to do? Do I have what it takes? It can feel overwhelming at times which is often what holds us back.

This program will help get you started. It will first assess your strengths and your business idea and see if they are a match. We will address any gaps in skill set required and we will cover off all the basics on launching your business from idea to reality.


  • Tailored, laser-focused, one-on-one coaching with me.
  • An assessment of your skills and strengths.
  • Five bi-weekly 1 hour coaching sessions to help you get you on track and stay focused.
  • A business strategy session outlining all of the different possibilities for your business.
  • Endless email and phone support in between sessions.
  • Clear take-aways after each session directly emailed to you.
  • In person, by phone or by Skype. Whatever is most convenient for you.
  • Convenient location – mid-town Toronto with free parking and TTC access.


$849.00 Let’s Get Started
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