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Merry Christmas? Bah Humbug!

People’s expectations are so high at this time of the year, and after watching only a couple of holiday specials, it’s not difficult to discover why. How many of them go something like this:  A beautiful, well-to-do family sit lovingly together next to the fireplace and perfect tree, with their equally beautiful dog lying next to them as they begin to open up their perfectly wrapped presents while listening to the sounds of Christmas carols being sung outside by passing merry-go-lucky carolers. Hmmm……now, how many of us live up to that scenario? Most of us would probably say our lives don’t resemble anything like the above.  For many, it’s by choice, for some, it’s simply reality, and for others, it’s a bit of both. So how do you have a Merry Christmas, or simply a Happy Holiday if your life doesn’t resemble anything like the above?  By setting realistic expectations. [...]

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